Should The Author Write Ezine Articles Or Blog?

Why do You want to write a blog when the article better? I find myself as a writer want to say, write a blog. The Blog is private. You can give Your personal view about the life, in Your life as a person and as a writer. You can be a nag. 

You can show off your skills tulismu, tell us about yourself and your friends. You can enter photos of your friends and describe a journey you have taken.

EZINE articles - if you want to spread on the web? But, as an author, write a paving stone instead! Why? Doesn't mean they're boring. Actually more is true that the blog is boring. 

Blog-the best blog has a label name for them but the reality is that the most popular blog written by a professional writer who is hired to research the web and write in the style of a particular blog.

Blog - what's wrong with your blog? Popular blogs are not written and kept up to date by You, a single author. This is a team effort, the efforts of the large publishing houses. Can You as a writer can really afford to do this, even if You are good enough? Prove it, of course.

Why waste time and energy writing Your blog when there is nothing but nothing comes to Your site? How much blog writers which I have been browsing recently, all try to give good information about how to write, and at the same time also pushing their own books, published and not published? I don't see that there is a lot of success in what is a blog-this blog is doing to their authors.

How do I know this? I'm tired frankly about reading any input about taking the cat to the vet, describe what the Husband think about something, read another interview with another author. This is all nonsense. This is all boring. 

Why? Because of this it repeated thousands of times, with just the name changed. No new information here, if not all, the author of the blog.

So as a writer, my experience says: don't write a blog. WRITE EZINE ARTICLES. This is the difference. We will assume You are a good writer in the language, and You can research well and make the report interesting information and full information. 

You're also writing a book. Even if You write a novel they have to be researched and full of information to sell, right? Ezine articles is a short article about a piece of a specific subject, such as This article Makes the Case For Writing Ezine articles and not a blog. I've done both, but I have to choose one from the other. Below is a list of Why I choose to write Ezine articles now.

EZINE articles-what's so great with Ezine articles?

Ezine articles made me focus for my research, ideas and insights, experiences, and writing skills.

Ezine articles take visitors to my house because Ezine articles circulated widely.

Ezine articles has a directory, a collection of articles, that people go to read a certain subject.

The Blog has a directory, but how can You classify what was written in the blog?

Many blog is about what is written the author of the blog. There are some blogs that attended that have few reviews in the area of the subject is narrow, such as Technorati. 

Do these blogs, even if they say they are, Or whether they're a Directory in the subject area? Whatever You call where writing short You end up, in a blog, in a directory, in an article Ezine, at least know what You are doing and what You intend as the effect.

Build the system, the chain of cause and effect so that Your end result that You want to come through for you.

EZINE articles-what is said of the marker is its advantage? Ezine people who are also marketing people say that the purpose of writing a lot of articles Ezine for free is to get the name and think easily and distributed on the web. At the bottom of each article Ezine You put also Your web site or how to contact you.

With Ezine articles You get Your thinking is distributed in a large network information outreach, and then from the readers of Your article You expect some of them to click on Your link and come to Your home site for more information on the subject that You are writing.

So, if You are an author who has written a book, published in the paper or not, non-fiction or fiction, You want people to buy the book from you, isn't it?

The WEB - what You need to do as a writer, to become effective on the web? The best way on the Web is to make a website about your book and the material of the subject, fiction or non-fiction.

Next, you want people to come to Your site in large quantities, due to maybe one or two percent of Your visitors will buy Your books from You as a download of electronic e-book, or also as a print-On-demand paper books. 

But before You can sell the stranger book You You have to get them to sell Your Page in which You explain Your book and its benefits.

What's wrong with the search engines? To get people to Your site You can rely on the search engine. But this is too excessive. Research shows that people only see on the big ten entry's and click on the websites in the search.

How then are You going to get a carefully-constructed web site to the search engines? There is a knowledge which is called SEO to show how to do this.

However, these people will try to make money from You as they suggest You. They are both parents, relatives, and people who have been promised by the testator will be given the inheritance of the line of relatives, in return for the help they have to give when asked. 

They're out there selling Your work in a way to be successful and become rich, while they themselves try to get rich from You. So, be careful with the search engine, tell you how to manipulate Google to get the flow of visitors to Your site who will buy the book and report a large amount of information.

Yes, learn to make or create for You, a web page that is focused on a single subject so that the search engines are more likely to put You end up in the top ten of them to the subject of Your niche. Get a stream of search engines to Your website, if you can.

Some marketing gurus say the competition out there so fierce that You can only compete with the Latest strategies if You work full time in marketing. 

So is it worth it to be also a marketing expert, or try to copy others. And how You never know the truth of fality when dealing with sales people.

Now look again at writing a lot of short but free article informative and have it distributed by the book directory of Ezine articles.

Write EZINE articles - why? Why? Why?

they bring people back to your site who are very interested with your information. These are the people who may be more willing to buy Your book. 

The trick is not to give the reader information for free so they don't buy Your book, or give them too little information for free so they don't see that You are really an expert in the field of Your niche.

You write a lot of Ezine articles in Your field to give the impression to a stranger that You're an expert. As a novelist ... you know how to stir up tension if you're a novelist thriller. 

Or, if You are writing a non-fiction book about love, sex and intimacy, You give Your readers a condensed version of the chapter You but also writes in such a way that You leave Your readers breathless for more. After all, the relationship is very important, right? But why should they listen to you? You have to be better than the competition. 

So, if You have a book like that, as I have, You write a lot of Ezine articles free, as I did, that provide information which is really good but not all of it.

Buy Your books-how do You motivate people to buy Your book?

- So, You use Ezine articles to get visitors to Your website when You then have to try to sell it throughout the book with the price they and You are able to. You write each chapter as a short, Easy-to-understand Ezine articles, and in the article-the article You have a link back to Your main site.

Now, You have to write Your web page in a way that people will be motivated to pay their money to buy Your book. How do you do this? At least one warning.

People SEO has influenced me to put on the web A Site Expert. On this site: creative writing and I give a lot of information, creativity, writing, and my product: interface author. It is the site of the experts but we stop it's development.

Why? It took a lot of time to develop the site experts. The aim of developing the expert site with lots of free information, as well as information to buy books, e -, and a Report is to be dominant in Your niche, which then should translate into near the top of the page the search engine for the region Your subject. Things like that can happen from time to time. 

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