The power of Ezine articles writing So Quickly jammed

If you are new to internet marketing and want traffic jam then ezine articles will start ticking. I already prove it yourself. 

Before I had our own products to promote time and effort to write the article just added to my concerns. At the same time, I think, what will I have to write about that will be interesting for anyone? How wrong I was.

But when I have a product to sell, then it's time to start implementing a few internet marketing techniques that I have learned. I need quick traffic to a website that I made to promote my book.

Apply Internet Marketing Techniques

While I write a book I seem to be taking ages to finish. Sometimes I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew. But once finished, despite feeling very pleased with myself, I realize that my job is just beginning. 

At that moment I realized my - now I have to sell a book and that means I have to promote it. When I was self-publish using a print on demand service I don't have a publisher to do the promotion for me - I was a publisher!

I need a lighting fast and some of the links targeted to a website I created to promote the book. I need the traffic. So I started to concentrate to apply as many of the internet marketing techniques that I have learned about as I can. 

And one of the techniques that is writing ezine articles. I decided to start and go with the publisher of the ezine top -

Water test-it's warmer than You think

For those of you who haven't tried to write ezine articles, write Your own article and sending it to the directory ezine is an effective way to get traffic to Your site. 

I was pleased to find that in just a few days my first article is approved and available instantly online. Not only that, but when I do a Google search for the keywords that I use, I find that I get the top position on page one, two, and three.


The reason is, that the directory of the article I selected,, is ranked so high in the search engines, especially Google, that my article was picked up by them pronto and available for all to see, in the double-quick.

Quality Before Quantity

Writing ezine articles is very satisfying and rewarding. You must be consistent as well. The temptation may be to throw everything at once with everything you want to write about delivered for a few days, then it fizzles out because You run out of things to write about. 

Calm down. Some people recommend sending the article every day, the other only twice a week. For articles that are of good quality, then that will beat quantity every day, well that's what I believe. Your article should provide useful information to the reader. and WordPress

By the way, I just discovered a feature that's really cool of this is the ability to write a blog post that also then sent at the same time as article. 

WordPress Plugin allows You to send a posting Words of origin to the, and Track the status of their review right from the dashboard of WordPress. Now you can be two-to-one and increase the exposure on the stroke.

I tried for the first time with this post. I'll tell You How I get on next time. In the meantime, if You haven't done so already, open an account ezine and write. 

Take the time to learn the guidelines and read some of the articles presented by the Master writing the article. Once You get the hang of it, You'll like it. The key to your success is in your hands!

To see how paving stone and WordPress intergrate see this blog post came from.