Why Did The Author Obsessed With Writing Ezine Articles?

Why the obsession to write ezine articles? To understand this, we must look at the causes of the first to determine, why? As we know, a lot of Ezines, magazines, electronic newsletters, is being circulated on the Internet and customers by the publisher who want to promote their products and services. 

Since the ezine freely circulated, most of the publisher, stop having a personal staff Journalist homes as a result of the loss. It is, therefore, made a request to the Author of the article that is constantly evolving, and the appearance of the article directories, such as EzineArticles.com, related content and so many others.

An article directory is where expert writers each field of their own, sending their articles. From these directories, the Publisher of the ezine can be used, reproduce or print a necessary article of freely provided that obtained could not be changed and the column bio Box/resource the author included in the published article. This create a winning situation for both the publisher of the ezine and the author of the article.

The publisher of the ezine publish the free content they, the experts commented on their business, saving you time and money which on the contrary should be spent on the process of counting articles-ezine articles and in the campaign of their projects.

For an author/writer, in addition to getting free publicity, a good name, then the necessary traffic to your blog-their blog / site which are sent through a link-back in the box their music bio, also Index and optimization with search engines, the authors will also benefit for the author of big finance.

In conclusion, we can obtain the main cause of the obsession with writing ezine articles by many authors, is the obsession of monetary gain and fame that comes along with the success of being an expert article writer ezine.