Ezine Articles Writing In 10 Easy Steps

1. Select A Topic.

You have to choose either hot topic or a topic about which You are passionate. If You can find a topic that both of these things, You have a winning combination. 

Think about what people are talking about in the forum and at the paving stone that recently you've read. Check with Google to find a topic search popular recently. 

Your task will be easier if Your article includes people subject currently find interesting. If You are interested in the subject, this will show in Your writing and enthusiasm can be contagious.

2. Learn Your Subjects.

Remember that people will read your article to get more information. The type and the level of Your research will depend on the type of article You want to write. 

If you write an article about your own experience or point of view, you may not need to do a lot of research, unless you want to add a reference to some of the contrasting views that have been published by other people. Obviously, if You write an article which belongs to the statistical information, You need to make sure the facts and figures right.

3. Fabricate a title.

A title can make or break Your article. The title of the article is equally important with the title of the ad. 3-5 the first word of the title Your title is the most important so don't waste it with words such as "ten best ways to...". 

Plug Your keywords in the first 3-5 words and make sure Your title is relevant to the content of the article. If Your title does not grab the attention of people they will never read the rest of article. If they do not read that article, they will not see the box your resources. You get the picture?

4. Wrote In Part.

Write a 3-5 main points on the topic of You. If you find You need more points, it may be better to divide the information into two (or even more) separate article. 

Make sure that every section really is a fresh and not the continuation of something You discussed a few paragraphs back. The key to making Your writing easy to do and easy to read is to divide the content that is logically organized and not jump backward and forward.

5. Count Your Words.

Between 700-1200 words is the best size for a ezine articles. If You are writing less than 500 words, Your article may not be taken seriously and anything over 1000 words may demand more space than the publisher of the Ezine want to allocate. 

Just a little ezines that will receive the article more than 1200 words. If you're writing an article which contains more than 1200 words, first of all check that your writing is not mindless, repetitive or unnecessary verbosity. 

If Your writing is "tight" and every word informative, divide the work into two articles and call them part 1 and Part 2. Add additional paragraph to mention that the article is one in a series and point readers in the direction of the url for another article. You also get double the amount of the resource box like that!

6. Create Your Resource Box.

This is your ad. Most ezines need a box unlimited resources within 5 rows. Some insist low as 3 lines but 5 is a good average to work in. You need to sign in into 5 Rows of your Name, Your site url and some of the phrases promotions designed to attract the attention of the reader so that he will click through Your website. 

You will get the best results if the phrase Your promotions associated with the content of Your article. If You only ever write an article about one subject and the website You only about one thing, You can keep only to the resource box. If the subject matter of Your article vary, revise Your resource box to match each new article instead of just having a resource box standard tell Your readers they should visit Your site.

7. Re-Read And Edit.

Never submit an article soon You finish writing it. Let this night, sleep on it, then come back the next day to proofread and edit it. If yesterday's artwork seems to be less attractive in the daytime cold, rewrite it until You are satisfied with the repair and then leave it another day. 

Do a spell checker but don't just rely on Your pc check software, read the article carefully (if You visit my website, You will find the poem dedicated to PC spellchecker that will illustrate why this is important). It's amazing what a short will be made to the creative process: 

You will probably find yourself making a lot of small changes that will result in a part that is polished from work. Sometimes You will find yourself in possession of an article which really does not satisfy that must be rewritten many times but it's better to submit an article substard.

8. Send To The Publisher Of The Ezine.

Looking sexy with the publisher of the ezine and the List name and contact email them. Submit Your article to them with personal short paragraph at the top. Personalization is important because most of the publisher of the ezine receive hundreds of emails every day. Make sure You format Your email to make the train back at the end of each line. 

Keep your ranks remain so 60-65 characters so that your article will be displayed correctly by the email server. If You ignore the hard carriage return, Your article may end up with a break in strange places, the general effect will be a mess and the article will be difficult to read. The result will be that the publisher will miss Your email in favor of one that is easy to read.

9. Send Them To Article Directories.

There are hundreds of article directory site where You can enter Your article. You can easily find these sites by searching with any of the major search engines. 

The submission process can be very time consuming and there is a service that, for a fee, will send your articles to directories for you. If You're operating with a limited budget, this service may be expensive but automation is desirable because Your time is valuable. 

When submitting to article directories, read the instructions of the site. Delivery is usually done with a form online where hard carrier returns (except at the end of the paragraph) should be avoided as the software on their own site will be dealing with the correct format.

10. Target Your Market

Don't spray and pray: avoid the temptation to be lazy and send each article that you write to each publisher of the ezine and article directories that you find, this is spamming. Take the time to check what type of article is that many sites want to. 

If you consistently attacked a site with a material that is inappropriate, you can find yourself is highlighted by a source of potentially valuable free publicity. Remember, there are real people on the site-the site should read the article before they are received, so don't disturb them by wasting their time.